SE-820 60 Delsbo
Phone:+46 653 231 50
Fax:+46 653 231 63

Company information
Founded in: 2004
Employees: 35
Annual production (tonnes): 3.700
Production in the following countries: Sweden

What are the advantages of the company?

Delsbo Candle produces genuine stearin candles of the very highest quality, in one of the world’s most modern candle factories.
Delsbo Candle is the first candle manufacturer to be awarded with Nordic Ecolable, Swan certification. This means that our candles fulfil specific environmental and health criteria, as well as complying with the highest quality and safety standards.
A Swan Ecolabel candle is a candle that burns cleanly. It emits a limited amount of soot and chemicals that are hazardous to health and the environment. The candle is made from a renewable raw material.

Product offering*


Cylindrical candles
Household candles
Pillar candles
Tapered candles

Processed / refined candles

Printed candles

*Please note that normally only retailers are able to purchase the products directly from the manufacturer, not end consumers. For further information please visit the homepage of the candle manufacturer.