Eichendorffstraße 3-5
D-47638 Straelen
Phone:+49 2834 9360-0
Fax:+49 2834 9360-60


Company information
Founded in: 1744
Production in the following countries: Germany, Poland, China
Are candles with RAL Quality Mark Candles offered? Yes

What are the advantages of the company?

Gebr. Müller Kerzenfabrik AG is one of the oldest candle makers in the world and one of the most significant manufacturers and marketers of candles in Europe.

Established in 1744, Gebr. Müller Kerzenfabrik AG has been in family hands for eight generations now.

In over 266 years, an international group has emerged from a small craft business. Today, we supply customers throughout the world from our Group headquarters in Straelen in the lower Rhine area.

The features of our corporate culture and policy are:

  • quality
  • customer orientation
  • innovations and progressiveness
  • flexibility
Product offering*


Altar candles
Ball candles
Christmas tree candles
Cubic candles
Cylindrical candles
Egg candles
Floating candles
Household candles
Multiwick candles
Pillar candles
Pyramid candles
Scented candles in general
Tapered candles


Devotion lights
Lights in glass
Lights with Citronella
Maxi lights
Scented lights in general
Tea lights
Votive candles

Grave yard lights

Composition oil lights
Grave yard lights in general
Oil lights

Processed / refined candles

Candles made of / with beeswax
Decorated candles (e.g. glitter, ornaments etc.)
Handmade candles
Lacquered candles
Printed candles
Scented candles

Related products

Adhesive wax slices
Aromatic oils
Candle holders
Fragranced tabs
Incense sticks

*Please note that normally only retailers are able to purchase the products directly from the manufacturer, not end consumers. For further information please visit the homepage of the candle manufacturer.