Gewerbering 31
D-76351 Linkenheim-Hochstetten
Phone:+49 7247 7605
Fax:+49 7247 7605

Company information
Founded in: 1986
Employees: 25
Production in the following countries: Germany
Are candles with RAL Quality Mark Candles offered? Yes

What are the advantages of the company?

All our Maria Buytaert candles are professionally and exclusively handcrafted. They are produced in a period of three days and, depending on the casting technique, show various surface effects and more than 200 possible shades.
Our candles are subject to in-house quality testing and are regularly tested in regard to harmlessness to health and environment by DEKRA.
Maria Buytaert candles are the only candles with this design that are awarded a RAL Quality Mark.
Depending on the size, our candles show a burning time of 90 to 200 hours and flower out in an individual way.

Product offering*


Pillar candles
Scented candles in general


Scented lights in general

Processed / refined candles

Decorated candles (e.g. glitter, ornaments etc.)
Handmade candles
Lacquered candles
Printed candles
Scented candles

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*Please note that normally only retailers are able to purchase the products directly from the manufacturer, not end consumers. For further information please visit the homepage of the candle manufacturer.