The following values of goods are not the values actually realized when sold to the end-consumers but the values when sold to the wholesale.

The European candle manufacturers were able to increase their production by 5,8 % or 39.600 tons respectively.

Compared to the already strong previous year, the candle consumption increased significantly again to approx. 790.600 tons in 2017 (+5,0 %, +37.600 tons).The value of the consumed candles decreased by 0,7 % (-14 million EUR) in the same period. This means that each citizen in the European Union consumed an average of 1,55 kg of candles (+5,0 %) in 2017, corresponding to a wholesale price of 3,58 EUR (-1,0 %).

When it comes to the export, the year 2017 showed an increase of 2,6 % (+1.500 tons) compared to the previous year.

The  imports decreased slightly by 0,4 % or 500 tons in the same period.

The percentage of domestically produced candles in the total consumption continues to remain at a pleasingly high level. In addition to the better price, consumers can rely on the premium base materials and the superb performance of European products. Both are guaranteed by the RAL Quality Mark for example which attracts interest of a rising number of retailers and especially consumers beyond Central Europe in the meantime.

(Source: Eurostat)