The „Quality Mark for Candles” is the only independent quality standard for candles at the moment. It requires both, high quality raw materials as well as impeccable burning characteristics.

Quality Mark for Candles - Gütezeichen Kerzen

You can be absolutely sure to buy a quality candle when it shows this quality mark.

The “Quality Mark for Candles” is awarded by the European Quality Association for Candles to its members if their candles fulfill all requirements regarding raw materials, dimensions, weight, colour and design and if they burn perfectly:

  • bright, calm flame
  • ideal wick curvature
  • no sooting
  • no dripping
  • adherence tot he burning time
  • minimum wax remainder

To be able to guarantee the high quality standard, the manufacturers pledge them-selves to continuously monitor their products. The following items are part of the testing and monitoring program:

  • initial inspection
    The compliance with all requirements regarding raw materials and candles are to be checked by a state-approved testing organisation or an independent expert
  • self-monitoring
    A continuous and verifiable self-monitoring of all graded products is to be performed by the manufacturer
  • external monitoring
    The compliance with all requirements regarding raw materials and candles as well as the correct performance of the self-monitoring is to be checked by an independent expert without prior notice.
  • external candle tests
    Appearance, dimensions and burning behaviour are to be tested by an inde-pendent and accredited laboratory at least once year.

Most of our members have already decided to show the high quality of their candles by using the “Quality Mark for Candles”. You will find further information if you have a closer look at the company details of our members.